What is involved with installing an Irrigation system?

An underground sprinkler irrigation system involves planning and many electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components...not to mention alot of skilled labour and specilized machinery, its best to leave it to the professionals...like us!

  1. First priority is to contact your Utilies to make sure we avoid hitting electrical, sewer and gas, as well telephone lines.
  2. Next, along with the Property Plan demarking dangers, the C.I.T. irrigation Tech will trench in the water lines that run between the individual rotors and sprays all the way to the valve box.
  3. Once the lines are ready, the valves are installed. They also need to be wired to the Controller in the house and Rain Sensor outside the house.
  4. Install the Irrigation Controller and Rain sensor, finish the necessary wiring.
  5. Pressure test the system and then program the zones for adequate watering.
  6. Perform an included, and very necessary Controller training program with the homeowner.
  7. Check the heads and set the direction of flow and water rate for the grass or new sod.
  8. Start the system...and start enjoying water bill savings and the rest of your summer. 

*You will need to know your water flow rate (house pressure), in order to size and estimate your irrigation system properly.

We offer Flow rate estimate services for $150.00.  If you decide to book with us this value will be a credit towards your underground irrigation installation.

Remember, you may qualify for a discount if you are booking BOTH sod and irrigation installations together. If you also would like to have a complete Landscape Design we can help with that as well, but click now and book early! 

Burlington Residential & Commerical Irrigation Systems

Our sprinkler installation Team in Burlington works with TVL, Terra Verde Landscaping together we have been providing professional advice and service to area residents and businesses

for more than 10 years. Our combined knowledge, skill and efforts can prepare an Irrigation plan, install and calibrate your irrigation system in as little as 2 days. The Supervisor on site is a C.I.T., Certified Irrigation Technician so you can be assured the job will be done right.

Why install an irrigation system?

Here are some great reasons why Burlington residents want

an irrigation system:

  • protect your lawn and garden by keeping it healthy and lush
  • Manual watering is time consuming, save this time and enjoy your summer, no more holding the hose
  • reduce your water bill, save money, a professionally installed irrigation system will not over-water

If you are also looking for 3D Landscape Design for Backyard make over than please click here.