Burlington Sod has been helping homeowners and businesses re-sod their lawns and business properties for many years. Burlington residents have especially been pleased with our on-time completion and friendly sodding service. From 2003, when we first started installing sod, up to today with our expanded services including Sprinkler Irrigation systems, our commitment to quality sod and customer satisfaction has never dwindled.

Since sod installation is a very laborious, technical and specialized field, it's best to leave it to us, your sod care and installation professionals. If you'd like to get a better idea of the complete process, please see pictures and description below. If you are ready to order your sod installation now, please use our contact form.

Sodding and Sod Installation

Lawn being re-sodded with fresh cut kentucky blue grass turf

What's eating you? Grubs?

Grubs have been destroying lawns all over Southern Ontario. They live just below the grass surface in the root layer.

A few are normal in every yard, but due to some extremely hot and dry summers the Grubs have proliferated and created infestations. They are the #1 killer of Burlington area lawns.

The solution to stopping these pests is to remove the grass and soil where they live, then rebuild with healthy topsoil and re-sod.

Do you think you have GRUBS?Contact us immediately.

Harvesting sod for lawn sod installations in Ontario

If you really want to make your lawn and yard stand out, considering some feature rocks placed aethestically to create a unique look. Armour Stone Ontario is one of our favorite natural stones used in our Burlington resident projects.

Sod is grown from local farms, cut fresh each day.
Soil preparation and sodding


Watering of new sod is very important for your lawn
Soil and healthy sod go hand-in-hand

Sodding..how we create your new lawn.

To create your new lawn we first need to cut out the old grass and turf, just underneath the root matt layer. This leaves us the soil below which will be used to help rebuild the subsoil for the new sod, along with added topsoil. This old material needs to be disposed of, it CANNOT be rototilled under or back in, this practice pushes pests and weeds back into the soil. Once the old grass is removed we then level the area with new topsoil and rake out the harder aggregate as wel as compact and level the soil. Our last step is to install the new sod piece by piece creating a uniform lawn with only minor visible edge lines. Dont worry, these will grow together in 1-2 weeks. Most importantly is water, water, water. Once the sod is laid, you must water your new sod/grass/lawn immediately.This is also the best time to install and Irrigation System, before the sod is laid. Once cut it only has a few hours to survive before it needs to be satured through to it's roots to start new growth.

Sod pricing and estimates

Sod installation price is determined by the following factors; the area to be sodded, the amount of topsoil required, machinery needed and disposal. The largest part of the cost is the actual area to be removed, levelled and then sodded, the lenth x width of the area. The amount of new topsoil needs to be calculated next. The machinery and equipment needed are; a professional commercial grade sod cutter/soil cultivator used to level and grade the area properly, with the last cost being the disposal of the old sod materials.

All of these factors need to be considered to formulate an estimate properly, and each job is different. However, most large front yards of 600-800sq ft can start around $1500-$1800. If you have your dimensions please email then to us and we will be happy to calculate your estimate.


Another aspect to think about is the watering. An underground Irrigation System will save you time and money if installed before the sodding. If you would also like to have a Sprinkler system installed let us know, we can provide you with a package price if you have us install both.