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Our business is dedicated to Sodding, Irrigation systems and Stone patio/retaining wall builds in Southern Ontario. 

We are a specialized branch of Landscaping as  we only provide Sodding, Sprinkler and related landscaping services. 

As Sodding and Irrigation installation are what we do best, most lawns and Sprinkler Systems can be removed, levelled and installed within 1 or 2 days depending on the size of the project.  

Teaming up with Armour Stone Ontario allows us to Design, Manage and Build your entire lanscape project. You can visit their site and see some examples of Armour Stone steps with a walkout or stone Patio.

To book a new landscaping project, sod or irrigation system installation, please click one option below or see our contact page.

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Sod supply and sod installation in burlington
Armour stone retaining walls and landscaping
Lawn Irrigation sprinkler installation

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Book your NEW LAWN complete with Inground Sprinkler System with Rain sensor for *$3999 .

(*Based on 750 sq ft )