Sod Guarantee - Burlington and Oakville

For all Burlington and Oakville residents receiving a new lawn this season, we do great sod installation work and we even offer a Sod Guarantee*. ​

Sod is a perishable product and must be watered as soon as possible. We will ensure the sod is cut fresh and installed quickly as possible to keep it from heating up in its rolled form. If it stays rolled up too long it can overheat and die, that is why we need to be efficient in removing the existing lawn, levelling with topsoil and complete the final sodding in 1 day. This is Our Part.

Your Part is to water it. It must be watered as soon as possible and soaked through to its roots and even the soil beneath. The customer is responsible for watering and must have the water on, a garden hose and sprinkler present at time of install in order to qualify for 30 days guarantee*.

If there is a problem with the sod and it does not root or maintain a consistent green color within 30 days if installation it is Guaranteed. Our staff will need to assess if the SOD has been watered properly. If the sod has been watered, but did not survive due to its' harvesting or timing, the SOD is guaranteed and will be replaced if we are notified within 30 days.

To receive new sod simply count the number of pieces and we will order new ones and have them sent to your address. Please allow 10-15 days from installation date to give time for sod to root and/or show how many pieces will need to be reordered, if any. Any topsoil, labour and disposal are not included in this guarantee. On larger jobs of 4000 sq ft or more it is common that 5% may need to be replaced.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like SOD ordered as replacement according to this Guarantee*.