Armour Stone, Grading and Soils



 We buy all of our soils from local farms.

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Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, 50 Point, Stoney Creek.

Burlington Sod and landscaping has been providing Grading services and supplying top quality topsoil for sodding, as well as aggregates and mulchs to our customers for many years. It is important to start with healthy topsoil if you plan on growing healthy sod and lawns and also remember to water sufficiently or even install an Irrigation System.

For new properties, residential sodding or commericial landscaping, Grading is required by the local municipality, and must be strict rules for water shedding, catch basins and elevations. Its best leave this to the professionals.

For Gardeners and Garden beds, triple mix is the best choice for nutrients and mix of organic and aggregate giving the soil a good density and ability to hold water.

Mulchs are used as a decorative groundcover for garden beds or other none-grass areas. You can choose from pine, cedar or colored mulches.


Armour Stone, Soil, Mulch

If you are looking for aggregate stones, soil or Mulch for your project we can supply and install (mulchs availalble are; cedar, pine, or colored). We have a minimum delivery of $400.00 or approximately 3 yards, it is $125/yd. 

The installation price is $75/yd, which means you wont need to do any heavy lifiting or push wheel barrels.

Armourstone is now available for retaining walls, stone steps, walkouts and more. Please see Armour Stone Ontario for more details on installation.

On orders above 4 yards, discounts are available.

Please contact us for details. Thank you.